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Q: Can I tip my groomer?
A: Like any service industry, our grooming professionals CAN accept gratuities. The standard is 15-20% of the total bill.
Q: How long will my pet's grooming session last?

Normally, a grooming session will last approximately one hour per pet. Exceptions may include one or more of the following

  • large breed
  • long coat
  • coat has NOT been properly maintained between grooming appts
  • older pet
  • temperament issues
Q: Why does my pet have to be shaved down if the coat is matted? Why doesn't the groomer just brush it out?
A: Just like matted human hair, mats in your pets coat can be very difficult to remove so the Groomer will need to give extra attention during the grooming session. Irritation or ripping of the skin can occur when the coat is matted, this could lead to unnecessary vet bills due to maggots harboring in the wounds. Heavy matting can also trap moisture and urine near the pet's skin allowing mold, fungus or bacteria to grow, causing skin irritations that existed prior to the grooming session. Usually, shaving the coat is the safest way to remove mats without further damage to your pet, this will be done at the Groomers discretion.

We strive to keep your pets pampering session as stress free as possible so please brush your pet on a regular basis, we will not continually de-mat your pet for you.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We currently accept cash, credit cards or checks. Please make the check out to Dawggie Dooz. At the end of the grooming session, your Groomer will give you the total amount due.
Q: What do you charge?
A: Charges vary according to the breed, size of your pet, and condition of the coat. If additional time is required on your pet due to a matted coat, parent observation, etc., these charges will be added to the final bill. Charges given at the time an appointment is made will only be an estimate and not guaranteed.
Q: When should I make the first grooming appointment for my new puppy or kitten?
A: Your new pet's first grooming appointment should occur right after the second round of puppy/kitten vaccinations. Starting early will help your pet adapt easier to the grooming environment and will be less stressful for them as they mature.
Q: Can you accommodate my older dog who needs special care during grooming?
A: Yes, we can. Our grooming van (Doozy) accommodates more mature pets who may need some extra special care. Doozy has a runner to help your pet enter and exit the van with ease. The electric grooming table can be lowered to just 17 inches from the floor, which allows your pet to gracefully walk on and off thus keeping his dignity, no jumping on or off the table. The grooming table also allows your pet to move smoothly in and out of the tub without fear of injury.
Q: Can I watch you groom my pet?
A: Yes, you may...please keep in mind though, many pets are like children, they do better away from their parents! Some pets on the other hand, are okay with or without their parents. When setting your pets appointment, please let me know you would like to observe the grooming session. Due to limited space inside Doozy, the grooming van, the session will take longer so an additional charge will be added to your final bill.
Q: Do you accept a pregnant pet or a pet that is in heat?
A: No. Pregnant pets can be easily stressed, which can trigger early labor. If you need your pregnant pet groomed, please contact your vet. For sanitary purposes, pets who are in heat will need to wait to be groomed until their cycle is complete.
Q: My pet bit the last groomer, will you sedate him?
A: No. We do not sedate pets in any way. If there is a possibility that your pet might bite the Groomer, please contact your vet to see if they offer pet grooming. We can muzzle your pet, but if they are still too aggressive, for the safety of your pet and the Groomer, services will be denied and you will only be charged for the time we spent with your pet.
Q: My cat doesn't like water or loud noises, can she still be groomed?
A: Cats can easily be stressed, which may cause irreversible medical problems and even mortality. If your cat has had an issue in the past with being groomed, please contact your vet for their grooming needs. If we begin a grooming session with your cat, and the Groomer determines it is too stressful for her, the session will end immediately and you will only be charged for the time we spent with your cat.
Q: How do you handle a dog that doesn't like strangers?
A: Dogs who have not been socialized properly as puppies may have some anxiety towards strangers. We will work slowly with your dog to help ease him into a grooming routine. It may be beneficial to you and your pet to contact a professional trainer for further assistance.
Q: My pet recently had surgery, can he still be groomed?
A: Only if you have permission from your vet. To prevent harm to a treated area, please allow ample time for your pet to heal before resuming grooming sessions.
Q: Do I need to be home for my pet's grooming appointment?
A: For the first grooming session we would like to meet both the parents and the pets! At this time, please let the Groomer know if there are any special grooming instructions or needs for your pet. Also, during the first session, please specify how you would like for us to retrieve your pet for future grooming sessions if you are not at home. We will keep a file on your pet and update it as needed.
Q: If I have more than one pet, can I have them groomed at the same time or do I have to make a later appointment for each?
A: We would love to take care of the whole family with one visit! When setting up your appointment, please let us know how many pets will be groomed so we can allow enough time to properly pamper each pet. Remember, other parents are calling for appointments also!
Q: If the groom I requested isn't what I expected, will you redo it at no charge?
A: We are not able to give do-over's without a charge. It is the parents responsibility to communicate with the Groomer what type of look they want their pet to have; i.e. leave ½ an inch of hair all over the body, don't trim the ears and/or tail, make him look like a lion, paint or don't paint the toe nails, etc. If changes are requested after the initial pampering time is over, additional charges will be added to the total bill.

We strive to make appointmentz convenient for our customers. Make your pet's appointment well in advance to obtain the time and day you prefer. We service Dallas & Waxahachie, Texas.

We accept cash,
credit cards or checks!