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"You recently groomed Pepper, and I just wanted to tell you he looks great; I am very happy with his haircut (shaved)! " - Carl Jones

"Toni groomed my 3-year old chow/sheppard mix, Tank for the first time today! I was nervous because he'd never been professionally groomed before and he can be kind of a stinker with new people but he fell in love with Toni! She definitely has 'the touch' for all of my furry friends. Tank is all fluffy and happy and... I think he looks thinner! Ha! He prances around the house with a big goofy dog grin. Thank you Toni and Dawggie Dooz & Cats Too!!! " - Carla Leingang

"Toni has been taking care of my 3 doggies for a while & I couldn't be happier. My little guys & girl really get excited when she comes over – no stress whatsoever for them or me & she makes them look fantastic! What else can I say!" - Dominique Jeuge

"Just had my two schnauzers groomed and I'm amazed at how perfect they look! I had special instructions for each of them and Toni followed them perfectly. I don't remember the last time I was this pleased with how they look. Thank you so much for driving to my house and doing a terrific job!" - Charlotte from Burleson

"I am an Old English Sheepdog 13 years YOUNG and had my first appointment with Toni this past Wednesday 5/18. I have weak legs due to Arthritus in my hips. My mom was very worried about me getting hurt and all (over protective mother) but knew the personal attention with a Mobile groomer was best for me. It beats being in a salon for 7 hours all day. Toni helped me up and down the stairs and gave me the best care I think I have ever received. I would recommend her to anyone. My haircut looks great and I feel so good inside and out. Thank You Toni for such wonderful care and I will see you again this summer. Sloppy kisses and Hugs, WILLAMINIA

"Toni did a fabulous job grooming all 3 of my longhaired mini dachshunds. I highly recommend this mobile grooming service!!!." - Susan Jacobs (Human companion to Maggie Pie, Marbles & Mocha)

"Thanks Toni, Great job grooming Emma and Jet last evening. Emma is friskier than I have seen her, ever! Seems to enjoy the "lightened load"! and , Jet just enjoying feeling clean!" - Rick Shoemake (Human companion to Emma & Jet)

"We had our two schnauzers pampered by Dawggie Dooz & Catz Too!!! today. What a pleasant experience! Toni did an excellent job and the dogs are gorgeous. This is not our first experience with a mobile groomer, however, it was the best. There was no comparison in the quality of handling and grooming. It was a pleasure to meet Toni. We enjoyed talking to her on the phone and found her to be just as pleasant when we met her in person. Most important was the care she took with our pampered pets and how well they took to her. I would highly recommend Dawggie Dooz & Catz Too!!! to anyone." - Terri Granger

"Thanks so much for taking care of Jaxon and Jules. They both looked better than ever! If (anyone) needs a mobile dog groomer, this is the service. They were skilled and right on time." - Kay Lymon (Human companion to Jaxon & Jules)

"I have been using Dawggie Dooz & Catz Too for our dogs and cats since Toni started the business, and she is by far the best groomer I've ever used. My pets are my babies, and I wouldn't trust them with just anyone. Toni has a knack with animals and is truly a dog AND cat whisperer. I have a standing appointment every other week to have my dogs, Gage and Lulu, groomed - they just love the pampering and are completely relaxed with Toni. I also have my cats groomed by Toni. Their long hair tends to get matted, and Toni shears them into a "lion cut". It is so wonderful to have their grooming done at home, as they get stressed riding in the car. Once they're done, they are so proud of their new "doo's", they prance around the house showing off. I am so thankful to have found DD&CT….I will definitely continue to use Toni and highly recommend her service to anyone with fur-babies!" - Meggen Smith (Human companion to Gage, Lulu, Sasha, Sugarberry & Sweetpea)

"Thank you, Toni for always taking extra special care of Schultz. I can't imagine grooming a cat, much less shaving him twice a year! You do a wonderful job with him. He's never stressed out and is just so HAPPY after his bath and haircut. We appreciate you very much!" - Carla Leingang (Human companion to Schultz, Gracie, Tank & Nitro)

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